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October 2021

I made my first visit to Mistress Lucinda after 30 years of not seeing a Mistress.
Mistress guided me along a a pace I could endure.
Then made sure I understood who was in charge.
I left with a well whipped and welted bottom.
I will be going back to explore more of the Mistress's array of toys.
From one very grateful slave.
Thank you Mistress
February 2020

Bonjour Maitresse,

Suite à ma scéance de dimanche après-midi, je viens vous donner mon impression comme convenu par mail. Pour ma premiére scéance de domination (étant novice) avec une vrai dominatrice trés proféssionnelle avec vous Maitresse Lucinda élégente et trés jolie dans votre donjon trés bien équipé fût une scéance de découverte et inoubliable, et malgré mon handicap vous avez sue me faire vivre diverses activitées et une bonne expérience pour un début et vous avez été toujours à mon écoute et me mettre à laise et sachant que vous avez Maitresse beaucoup d'activitées à me faire découvrir.

Déjà, se retrouver complétement nu face à vous Maitresse a été une interrogation de se qu'il allait se passer et montre votre superioritée. Les différentes activitées que vous m' avez fait découvrir sur les différentes tables bondage sanglé , avec un jolie bondage et se retrouvé avec un bandeau sur les yeux sachant que vous travaillez sur mes parties intimes et les tétons étirés par le treuil avec vos ustensilles qui vous pouviez passer de la douceur à la douleur, vous étre imprévisible Maitresse. Ensuite vous m' avez fait mettre sur la table Gényco une bonne découverte avec la pompe à vide et les différents appareils à électricité et surtout les masques à gaz a été trés fort pour moi.

Et le dernier attelier suspendu attaché fût trés bien aussi (masque, electricite).

Merci Maitresse.
August 2019

Le Docteur Lucinda m'a fait passer une séance medical hard , ou toutes les pratiques étaient aux rendez vous (sondes , agrafes , aiguilles ,catheter , jeux electro , ...)
Bref une séance magnifique.
A recommander pour les soumis exigeants recherchant une vraie maitresse avec une grande expérience. Le tout dans un environnement propre et agréable .
Au plaisir  -Chabert
July 2019

Je viens de passé quelque heures avec docteur lucinda, jai passé un examen comme je le voulai elle a su me faire vivre des moments de plaisirs intense, sans oublie la nuit passé dans le donjon dans le lit bébé bien attaché avec les segufix, jai passé une nuit de reve.
Merci encore docteur lucinda   -guy
June 2019

Maîtresse Lucinda est femme d'extrêmes : grande, certes, impressionnante sûrement, elle fait preuve d'une grande adresse qu'elle met au service de son art de la domination, Lucinda évolue à la limite de ce qu'elle a décidé entre douceur et douleur, avec une parfaite maitrise du geste. Attention à son sourire !
Passer un moment entre les mains de maîtresse Lucinda c'est faire un grand et beau voyage.   -Philippe
April 2019

Je rentre juste de ma première rencontre avec Maîtresse Lucinda. C'était ma première fois avec une vraie dominatrice! je suis encore sous le charme de cette séance. Maitresse Lucinda est très professionnelle, elle s'adapte aux souhaits de son interlocuteur. Elle fait alterner avec maestria les phases de "hard" avec des phases plus "soft", toujours attentive aux limites. A ce niveau c'est de l'art. Elle possède un donjon très bien équipé. Et pour conclure Maîtresse Lucinda est très belle et possède un regard qui vous fouille au plus profond de votre être.
Je reviendrai   -Bernard
April 2019

Une super fantastique session aujourd'hui avec Maitresse Lucinda. Elle est très experte et son donjon est bien équipé. Tout a été fait avec un sourire méchant pendant qu'elle a testé mes limites. Si vous pensez voir une Maîtresse très professionnelle, je recommande fortement Maitresse Lucinda. C'est mon nouvelle préférée et je reviendrai dès que possible.   -David
March 2019

Un très bon moment passé en compagnie de Maitresse Lucinda. Un Donjon bien équipé, une Domina à mon écoute, qui a respecté mes choix, mes envies, mes besoins. Il faisait un peu froid, mais elle sait vous réchauffer :p
Merci Maîtresse, see you soon   -Olympe
Thank you Mistress for wonderful memories of sessions and just getting to know you. I've just been recalling how totally amazing and beautifully sadistic you were with me when we had a testicle-trampling session! Thank you and good luck with everything xx   -skweezme
I have just returned from my first session with Mistress Lucinda. It was in fact my first ever session at all, as I gave in to years long hidden desires to serve a Mistress. I often looked at pictures of sessions and wished it was me and now it was! Mistress Lucinda greeted me looking stunning in her black leather dress and heels. She put me well at ease with a chat about my likes, maybes and any definitely nots. I was soon strapped to her cross for my first experience of tease and torture to my cock, balls and nipples after which I spent time down in my place learning to worship her feet and shoes.
It was while strapped to her bench I had my first "maybe" pushed. I was blindfolded before feeling a fantastic sensation in my cock. After a minute or two she removed my blindfold to reveal a vibrating sound sliding gently in and out of my cock. Having seen pictures of this it was something I would never have thought I could take but there I was taking it just wanting more. I feel I may have more surprise likes in the future!
A really amazing session from an excellent Mistress that has made me thirsty for more and wondering why I didn't give in years ago. I will be back soon. Thank you Mistress.   -Richard
On Wednesday last I spent three hours in a session. First i was cross dressed in stockings and suspenders. Next i had cbt, my balls were stretched whilst in suspension harness, something i had not experienced before but it was most enjoyable and i will definitely want to repeat. Next for me was the highlight of the session, a session of dilation, again something i so enjoyed and will definitely want to repeat, can't wait till next time . Anyone thinking of visiting please do so, you will not regret it...   -Terry
I hadn't been to see the Mistress for over eight years and I have to say that she was still as stunning as ever. I am also grateful that she was willing to give up an hour of Mother's Day to accommodate me. I had a brilliant session with her and I will not wait so long before I see her again.   -Michael
I had my first visit to Mistress Lucinda and any mistress at all. I was understandably nervous and didn't really know where to put myself or anything. Mistress Lucinda offered me a drink and we sat and chatted about how the session was going to be. She asked me so many questions and really understood what i was looking for. I was performing etiquette as a maid. I bought my own maid dress which i really regretted because its super poofy and very hot to wear. I was dressed, a little make up and examined. Her keen eye left no room for error :) Her knowledge of etiquette is second to none. When i didn't do too well i was strapped to her cross, caned 6 times, she could tell when I'd hit my limit. I was also taught to use my prostate, it was an incredible experience and i would highly recommend anyone thinking about it to take the plunge! But please do not mistake her kindness for weakness!! Xx   -Sophie Evans
I have visited Mistress Lucinda on a number of occasions for spankings. On each occasion at my request, she had pushed me further than I have been taken before, getting closer to being taken over the top. When I visited her in November it became clear that I needed more than a spanking to reach that point. Mistress led me to her bench and restrained me, I was given a taste of three paddles, a strap a tawse and the cane. After another sound spanking using the three paddles and a few minutes discussion, Mistress put it to me that if I wanted to be taken to that point of submission she would cane me until I reached that point of complete release. I once again bent over her bench and Mistress restrained me. The caning began and continued until I reached my point of total capitulation and could no longer hold back. It hurt, but was so worth it. I felt positively euphoric during the following days, and thrilled after years of frustration. What an amazing woman! I came away with a very sore and well striped bottom but was oh so happy. It will not be long before I return.   -Danny
Well, what can I say, wow, wow, wow. Mistress Lucinda excelled again in her treatment of me. We started with a heavy flogging, stopping at 330 direct hits, only because Mistress arm became tired. Change of hood from leather isolation to inflatable rubber and i was led to the Gynae bench. After receiving some breath play, an inflatable butt plug was inserted, then the needles started. 200 were inserted into my cock, balls and immediate surrounding area. Hopefully the photos will appear soon, so try and see my cock under all the needles. 8 hrs later and my cock looks like it's been put through a spiked mangle. Now there's a thought!!! What an excellent time today.   - Mike
22nd July 2016

I recently had a wonderful session with Mistress Lucinda. It started with a chat over the phone, Mistress Lucinda was nice and friendly, listened to what I wanted and put me at ease about the whole thing. The session itself was role play with myself as the misbehaving schoolgirl and Mistress Lucinda as my teacher. During our time together I was put over her knee, spanked, caned, and humiliated then forced to wear a nappy. The session was excellent and Mistress Lucinda made a great teacher. She knew when to be sadistic and when to be caring, when to push and when to stop. By the end I was very sorry for what I'd done .
All in all I had a wonderful time and our time together was everything I dreamed it would be.   -Princess Mandy